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Crabtree Presents: Obama Domestic APOLOGY TOUR!

President Obama has toured the World since first being inaugurated in 2009 apologizing for America (while turning our challenges into bigger problems IN AMERICA). Since he won’t do it, Bryan will do it for him – to the American people.

Obamacare Disaster Apology.

Dodd-Frank has created a financial mess.

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Crabtree Presents: Obama Apology Tour – Apologizing To Us For Hillary Clinton.

President Obama has been apologizing to the World for 7 years but hasn’t apologized to you for all the damage he’s caused – so I’ve been appointed the unofficial apology czar to do it for him. The old saying goes, “you keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” In that context the President could have ‘done away’ with the Clintons but instead she may now be our President.

Is Donald Trump Fit to be President?

Unedited: Is Trump Fit to Be President? This Tells the Whole Story.

For the average American voter, you’re simply too busy to weed through all of the media lies, distortions and sensationalism. Many legal American citizens of Mexican descent or Middle Eastern dissent have been convinced by the lies they will be deported. Many families are convinced they will be separated. And by viewing only soundbites and the outrage circus the media has convinced many that Donald Trump is a loose cannon.

Watch these videos from some of the most polarizing trunk moments and you may in fact see the shocking side of Donald Trump the media has never shown you.

These videos are unedited in full context and likely will show you an individual is both thoughtful, forward-looking, positive and grounded – The complete opposite of what’s being portrayed in the media. if you’re still not convinced, then, and only after watching all these videos, vote for Hillary.

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DONALD TRUMP Schools CNN Jake Tapper on Trump University Facts.

This short video clip shows the complete lack of care the media uses in its coverage of issues like the Trump University Lawsuit. Trump claims the judge is biased against him because of his Mexico comments and that most of the plaintiffs have dropped out of the case. Tapper doesn’t listen and continues to assert Trump is being racist. Do you think Tapper even heard the damning facts Trump gave him next? Watch and see….


#Nevertrump Falling Apart. Some on way to #TrumpTrain.

In these videos, even Lindsey Graham, who once compared the choice of Donald Trump (and Ted Cruz) to picking between getting poisoned or shot in the head — migrating toward the idea of Donald Trump….

Trump: A Political Redemption and Reality Check.

Donald Trump has given people permission to actually say what they think. At first, when most of us meet someone who is uncommonly candid and highly combative, such as Trump, we tend to reject that person.

Trump’s political journey of the last eleven months been the sort of uprising we’ll likely never see again in our lifetime. For about a third of the country, Donald Trump was saying exactly what they were thinking and had been afraid to say. For many his style was very offensive. For others, what he was saying was both shocking and troubling.

Trump has been unwilling to change who he is to fit the political narrative or to capitulate to political operatives. The political establishment rarely faces a candidate unwilling to fall in line. Therefore, Trump has been an existential threat to their political existence. Much of the visceral behavior involved in the Republican primary has been the battle between the political insurgents, the voters and the establishment. Unfortunately, much of it was conflated onto Trump as a person.

As we unpack the last eleven months, we are beginning to see something I have been writing and speaking about on the radio since the moment Trump entered the race. Authentic people who act with resolve, confidence and an open-mind almost always win. After a very tough primary, Trump has shown an amazing humility to reach out to people who have recently been his arch rivals: Sen. Lindsey Graham, Speaker of the House – Paul Ryan, Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Sen. Leader Mitch McConnell, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Dr. Ben Carson and many more.

One-by-one, Donald Trump has been re-uniting the Republican Party. For those that say Donald Trump is a narcissist, they clearly miss the fact that he’s now the one acting with the greatest of humility in victory. It takes quite a set of leadership skills to be able to reach out to someone like Lindsey Graham. Graham has stated that choosing Donald Trump for president would be like choosing between getting shot in the head and drinking poison. He went on to say “I also cannot in good conscience support Donald Trump because I do not believe he is a reliable Republican conservative nor has he displayed the judgment and temperament to serve as Commander in Chief.”

Friday, on CNN, Lindsey Graham amended his comments: “Well, my criticism has been wide and it’s been deep, but we did have a good conversation [Trump and I]. He asked good questions and I think he’s reconsidering a little bit about what to do in Syria. I don’t know if Hillary Clinton — what will Hillary Clinton do different than President Obama? President Obama has no strategy to destroy ISIL….It is uncomfortable to say that somebody is not qualified [Trump] who beat you. So the bottom line is the American people need to choose wisely. What will Hillary Clinton do different than Barack Obama?”

While this is still far from an endorsement, it’s even further away from the negative comments Graham less than a month ago. My criticism of Lindsey Graham has been extensive having lived in South Carolina for 17 years. I’ve never been a fan. However, the evolution of Graham’s commentary as a result of a phone call between he and Trump is extraordinary. In fact, it shows the kind of acumen, intelligence and persuasive ability I’ve been writing about since the beginning. I applaud both Graham and Trump for these efforts to make amends.
There is a lot of angst and anger in this country. For many, Trump has either been the voice for that anger or the fuel. Either way, his campaign has represented a cleansing of pent-up emotional resentments. Unpopular commentary that is deeply felt in the hearts and minds of Americans has now been expressed openly for months as part of the political debate. It’s as if we’ve all gone to confession and, for once, we have all been heard. Harsh debate can lead to lasting unity by purging resentments.

A shocking number of #nevertrump people in the Republican Party are coalescing around Donald Trump. While the Democrats are in turmoil with state leaders receiving dozens of death threats and Bernie Sanders not backing down, Republicans are beginning to unify around Trump. The national polls now showing Trump leading against Hillary Clinton and winning in Ohio.

Even the far-left liberal-media are making statements that are jaw-dropping. On Friday, Chris Matthews said this shortly after the National Rifle Associations’ endorsement of Donald Trump: “I think this is a cowboy country in spirit, self-reliance, drive your own car, people don’t like mass transportation. Drive around in their own car with their wife or husband or girlfriend and like to be on the road and that self-reliance of that gun. I don’t have that instinct. I know it’s out there and very much a part of our history . It just is. It’s in the constitution and in our history. We are uniquely pro-gun as a country, not like the Japanese or Chinese or English or French or the Germans. This country is unique! Today, we will see Donald Trump point to that.” Hearing those words on MSNBC (especially from Matthews) is an example of the effect Donald Trump is having on our political conversation. The light of reality is at least shining again.

Republicans have a long journey to November and face a Clinton-machine willing to do anything criminal, immoral or unethical to win. This presents a dangerous lack of moral compass for our nation.

This election is not about the Republican or Democrat party to the American people. It’s about mopping up the bloodbath that has been created by the political establishment in both parties. The silent majority has sat quietly while political fools have destroyed our nation. Trump has simply brought us a tremendous reality check. He also brought us political redemption.