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Trump Protesters are the ilk of Bernie, Hillary and Obama Ruining our Country.

Join me for a special weekend edition of my radio on demand (Podcast) outlining what the other GOP candidates have been saying that frankly, is shocking. And, who paid some of these protesters to disrupt Donald Trump in Chicago on Friday and other cities on Saturday?

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Watch the GOP Debate Here: LIVE

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Glenn Beck’s Trump Confusion: Let Me Help You Understand…

CNN reported It will be a “gigantic mistake if this country chooses Donald Trump” as its next president, Glenn Beck declared last week. He added that Trump will be a “monster much, much worse” than Barack Obama. Why is Conservative Trail-Blazer Glenn Beck struggling with this so much? Bryan unpacks Glenn Becks’ confusion so he will understand what he and others are missing. “It’s not an endorsement; it’s an explanation!”


Lawsuit: Twitter Responsible for ISIS Growth and “Husband’s Death.”

Could Twitter be on the hook for allowing ISIS to grow exponentially? The lawyers say no, but Bryan explain why that conclusion may be a bit rich!

A widow is suing Twitter. She claims that ISIS couldn’t have grown to be so large without the social media giant’s assistance. Her husband, who was a U.S. Defense Contractor, was killed by an ISIS operative. Does she have a case?