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Crabtree Presents: Obama Domestic APOLOGY TOUR!

President Obama has toured the World since first being inaugurated in 2009 apologizing for America (while turning our challenges into bigger problems IN AMERICA). Since he won’t do it, Bryan will do it for him – to the American people.

Obamacare Disaster Apology.

Dodd-Frank has created a financial mess.

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Crabtree Presents: Obama Apology Tour – Apologizing To Us For Hillary Clinton.

President Obama has been apologizing to the World for 7 years but hasn’t apologized to you for all the damage he’s caused – so I’ve been appointed the unofficial apology czar to do it for him. The old saying goes, “you keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” In that context the President could have ‘done away’ with the Clintons but instead she may now be our President.

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Bernie Sanders Thinks We Should Apologize for Slavery?

Bryan says you never apologize for something you didn’t create even if you regret. This audio will teach you a valuable life’s lesson if nothing else….
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