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How Removing Plywood Could Change Atlanta’s Massive Blight.

Robert Klein, the founder of Safeguard and SecureView joins Bryan for an extended podcast on the about Atlanta blight, his product and how you can enrich your community. Klein shares an intriguing story of how his group turned an entire neighborhood of boarded homes into a thriving community – And the banks gave him the homes for free. How did he get banks to give him the homes? Why did SecureView instead of plywood boards make an instant 25% increase in property values? And, where can you get involved in this non-profit/charity or for-profit project in Atlanta? (listen below and see Robert’s bio):

Robert Klein bio:

Robert Klein is a successful entrepreneur, having created one of the greatest success stories in Cleveland.

Robert is the Founder and Chairman of Safeguard Properties. Under Robert’s leadership as CEO, Safeguard grew from a handful of employees in 1990 to over 1500 today. Robert developed Safeguard around the motto “Customer Service = Resolution” with the mission of creating a company focused on client satisfaction and strong business relationships. Safeguard is acknowledged to be the leading mortgage field servicing company in the United States.

Since Safeguard’s inception, Robert has developed and maintained a reputation as an innovator and is recognized as an industry pioneer and advocate for the property preservation industry. Robert continually focuses his attention on initiatives affecting clients, providing current and relevant industry information, and offering creative solutions to meet their needs.

Robert’s vision and ingenuity continue with the creation of Community Blight Solutions, a company focused on understanding, solving, and eliminating the problems of communities experiencing blight. Prominent solutions currently include the Slavic Village Recovery Project, SecureView, and fast track to foreclosure legislation.

Whenever Robert is presented with a problem or roadblock, he actively and passionately looks for ways to solve or eliminate those issues. Fast track legislation in Ohio is yet another example of the change that Robert has introduced and lobbied for. You will often hear Robert say, “Unlike a good bottle of wine, vacant properties do not age well,” and the focus of the fast track legislation is to reduce the time it takes to foreclosure on a vacant and abandoned property.

Robert currently serves as the Founder and Chairman of both Community Blight Solutions and SecureView and is a frequent speaker at field service industry conferences, because of his deep and rich background.

In 2009, Robert received the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award. He won both in the northeast Ohio region in the category of professional services and asset management firms, and nationally in the servicing category.

brightpath house with money

This Secret Can Save You Tens of Thou$ands in Mortgage Interest!

Steve Quarles of Brightpath Mortgage explains how to prepare yourself well in advance to save thousands of dollars in interest.  Plus, Bryan and Mackenzie ask him for behind-the-scenes secrets to getting buyers approved for the best mortgage.  If you plan to refinance, buy or even sell a house, this audio segment is a MUST-hear.


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