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Trump University Case Shows That It’s Now Racist to Point to The Truth?

The Trump University case shows you and me just how messy our country has become. The judge in this case is a member of La Raza, whose lawyers defend illegal immigrants. The plaintiffs’ attorney is a Democrat political donor. The main plaintiff in the case was dismissed after it was discovered that she gave only ‘excellent’ ratings for the classes and when asked what they could do to make Trump University better, responded: “give more classes.”

In a thirteen-second portion of an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN, Donald Trump suggested that the reason the case was not dismissed by the judge is because he is Mexican. Unfortunately, it now appears his inference has a great deal of relevance.

Republicans disavowing Trump must be suffering amnesia. For decades they have been fighting Democrats’ racially-charged advances in the judicial system. Democrats assert that minorities can’t be treated fairly in a system dominated by white judges. Even Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor suggested that her Hispanic background would help her make better decisions on the court. Pres. Obama inferred that anyone questioning his birthplace was doing so because of “my unique demographic.” Roughly translated, “if you oppose me it must be because I’m the first black president.” I suppose it couldn’t be that we just simply disagree?

What’s being lost in this hysteria is that this case cannot have a logical reason for its continuance unless there’s a bias. Over my career as a real estate brokerage executive, I coached/trained hundreds of new agents. They all took the same training and I personally conducted many of the classes. Some are still making six-figure incomes while others barely made it a full year in the industry. Training does not insure success. Discipline and perseverance do.

Nothing about the Trump University courses deviate from the many programs available to most real estate professionals (for thousands of dollars) of which the overwhelming majority of students still fail. It looks easy to get rich quick until reality proves otherwise.

For years, Democrats have attempted to assert that white judges are biased in favor of other whites and biased against minorities. Their policy and its primary objective has been to racialize America’s court system. Democrats have been intentional in moving the court system away from specific application of our laws and toward a culture that forgives the gravity of certain offensives based upon race or national origin. Now, that’s racist!

By keeping minorities convinced there is an evil ‘white monster’ lurking for them (in the system), Democrats become further empowered by their demagoguery.

What is even more disruptive is that Trump has committed the unthinkable crime of suggesting that our federal court system is somehow flawed. We all want to believe we live in a fair honest society and tend to be offended at any suggestion that we are deeply flawed and broken.

I can’t think of a greater bias than a judge who is an active member of a group like La Raza – who actively indulges the existence of illegal immigration. Without a doubt, it is a conflict of interest.

How was Trump first labeled a racist? He earned the label of ‘racist’ because he says that Mexico is “sending its worst…rapists and murderers.” The context of this statement has rarely been played. The media turned this statement into the assertion that Trump thought all (or most) Mexican immigrants were rapists and murderers. In hearing the entire speech, it was abundantly clear he was referring to illegal immigrants and the unusually high percentage of them that were committing crimes.

Many Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have rushed to the television cameras to disavow Trump’s comments and call for other Republicans to publicly oppose him. They have a hidden agenda. People like Graham distance themselves from Trump because they feel guilty for possessing some of the very beliefs the media has dishonestly conflated onto Trump. In other words, they don’t want to get caught.

I’m not sure that any human being is capable of being unbiased in such a politically charged society. We are a due for a serious reality check.

I admit an all-white jury may be more likely to issue a guilty verdict against a black defendant. A judge of Hispanic descent may be less likely to dismiss the case against a prominent public figure like Trump who’s made some comments that are directly against his own beliefs. I certainly believe that an African-American who grew up in the inner-city and in poverty who then became a successful lawyer (then a federal judge) would view a court-case much differently than a white federal judge from an affluent upbringing. How could either of them not have a clouded lens?

These biases are no different than the phenomenon of pricing your home to sell. As a seller, we always want more than the market will allow. As a buyer, we always wants to pay less. Humans are wired to be self-serving.

We have to accept that our society has become chocked full of biased people. These labels do nothing but further divide us. The reality is that our society is best when we have a difference of opinions and we can freely express ideas and not have our entire existence judged because of those expressions. Questioning a judge’s heritage as a it relates to bizarre rulings in a court case is not racist. However, it is the symptom of a society that makes it unpopular to state the underlying sentiments and biases that are destroying us.

I suppose we are much better served to be fake, only speak to what’s popular and to stand up for nothing. It’ll feel great being liked by everyone while they manipulate us into silence and submission.

Delusional people like this think the light at the end of the tunnel is anything but an oncoming train. Splat!


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