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Georgia Auto Insurance May Go Up 58%

GA’s insurance commissioner can’t stop it but he’s investigating.  Learn more about it here and see if this effects your auto insurance company.
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nikki haley

Bryan Exposes the Nikki Haley Estab-Republicans Don’t See. And, it’s shocking….

Bryan’s intimate knowledge of Haley’s record as Governor of SC is exposed in this segment. Can Republicans not find anyone better than this person?

Obama blames guns-Haley blames Flags.

Bryan fires a big warning shot for conservatives, explaining how The Republican Establishment picks its candidates and misses how awful they actually are in leadership.


How Dish Network used a straw buyer to rip off the FCC Auction.

Bryan tells how one big player circumvented rules that were intended to benefit smaller telecom players. And, with guest Justin Danoff, of the National Center for Free Enterprise Project, we explain how this may affect your access to the internet in the future.