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Who is Obama @Scotus nominee Merrick Garland? – Election Bombshell!

“As far as I can go to the right. Why don’t you just talk to him,” will be Obama’s pitch. Bryan outlines what you should know on major issues and how Judge Merrick will likely vote. 3 minutes says it all here:
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police radar to look inside homes

Atlanta: Police have device that can looking into your home w/o permission.

A new product called RangeR is being used by police to scan inside homes. Police say it’s for safety. But some are saying its a violation of The Bill of Rights. Bryan asks the question: “How would you feel if you were having dinner with your family and a policeman was standing there watching you? Isn’t this the same except you don’t know he’s standing there?” Apparently Gwinnett County, is using these devices, but they’re not saying much in response to questions about them.