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trump tax

DONALD TRUMP Schools CNN Jake Tapper on Trump University Facts.

This short video clip shows the complete lack of care the media uses in its coverage of issues like the Trump University Lawsuit. Trump claims the judge is biased against him because of his Mexico comments and that most of the plaintiffs have dropped out of the case. Tapper doesn’t listen and continues to assert Trump is being racist. Do you think Tapper even heard the damning facts Trump gave him next? Watch and see….

braves fall

Why is it The Braves Fault that Someone Fell Over the Rails and Died?

Where is the toxicology report?  Why did fans say he was acting intoxicated?  Why is the media not digging into this?  Where does personal responsibility play anymore?
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Lawsuit: Twitter Responsible for ISIS Growth and “Husband’s Death.”

Could Twitter be on the hook for allowing ISIS to grow exponentially? The lawyers say no, but Bryan explain why that conclusion may be a bit rich!

A widow is suing Twitter. She claims that ISIS couldn’t have grown to be so large without the social media giant’s assistance. Her husband, who was a U.S. Defense Contractor, was killed by an ISIS operative. Does she have a case?