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Is Donald Trump Fit to be President?

Unedited: Is Trump Fit to Be President? This Tells the Whole Story.

For the average American voter, you’re simply too busy to weed through all of the media lies, distortions and sensationalism. Many legal American citizens of Mexican descent or Middle Eastern dissent have been convinced by the lies they will be deported. Many families are convinced they will be separated. And by viewing only soundbites and the outrage circus the media has convinced many that Donald Trump is a loose cannon.

Watch these videos from some of the most polarizing trunk moments and you may in fact see the shocking side of Donald Trump the media has never shown you.

These videos are unedited in full context and likely will show you an individual is both thoughtful, forward-looking, positive and grounded – The complete opposite of what’s being portrayed in the media. if you’re still not convinced, then, and only after watching all these videos, vote for Hillary.