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Deep Inside the Claims of Ted Cruz Affairs

The bombshell story about Ted Cruz’s five affairs (in the National Enquirer) struck late last week and was quickly dismissed as tabloid gossip. I didn’t believe it. But, after digging deeper, what I found was a series of circumstantial realities that make the story nearly impossible to disprove.

The evidence supporting the National Enquirer’s accuracy is mounting. First, let’s look at their track record. There’s no doubt the the Enquirer is in the business of puffing. But, puffing is different than lying. Puffing is making something look worse than it is. Lying is telling something totally unfounded and untrue. Admittedly, both are wrong.

But, this is a fairly black and white issue to many Republicans. If Ted Cruz has cheated on his wife after casting the image of being a staunch, Christian-conservative, then he also can’t be trusted to be loyal to his constituents. On the other hand, who are we to judge? We’re all flawed. Many point to the fact Donald Trump’s three failed-marriages as reason enough this shouldn’t matter.

Let’s cast judgment aside and simply review the facts. The National Enquirer broke the stories (or significant bombshells) of presidential candidate John Edward’s affair, Anthony Weiner’s prostitutes, Rush Limbaugh’s drug addiction, Bill Cosby’s women, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair and many others. Typically, they’re accurate on the root-accusation, but the remaining story has plenty of flaws. The Cruz-affair story is likely the same.

I have it on good authority that Heidi Cruz prefers to limit the number of female staffers on the campaign. Sources tell me this ‘demand’ by Heidi Cruz garnered steam after Katrina Pierson disappeared from the Cruz-camp only to reappear month’s later as the national spokeswoman for the Trump campaign. One of the women in the partially-truncated photos of the Enquirer article appears to be Pierson. Coincidence? Perhaps! But who really believed that John Edwards actually had a love-child and was cheating on his wife while she underwent chemotherapy? Until, it was proven!

To these charges, Pierson tweeted: “Of course the National Enquirer story is 100% FALSE!!! I only speak to myself, however.” For some reason, that doesn’t add any believable clarity.

Breitbart News, which has been very friendly to Trump, was pitched this story but shelved it. It has been reported that an operative with the Marco Rubio campaign was behind that pitch. Their evidence showed a video of Cruz and another woman leaving the Capitol Grille restaurant and a hotel on multiple days. The video did not prove an affair, but brings more questions than answers.

Some say this is a ‘hit piece’ by the Enquirer on behalf of Donald Trump. David Pecker is the CEO of American Media which publishes the Enquirer and is a close friend of Trump. Trump has outright denied the campaign had any involvement. I’m not sure if I believe that, but if the story is true, does it matter?

The more I look for evidence to discredit the claims, he more I find evidence of a potential truth in them.

There’s one more concern I have. It’s Ted Cruz’s response. “This National Enquirer story is garbage, it is complete and utter lies; it is a tabloid smear, and it is a smear that has come from Donald Trump and his henchmen.” There is zero evidence that it had anything to do with Donald Trump, so why would he start his denial with something he can’t prove?

Cruz’s response further brings into question his innocence. If such rumors were being spread about me, my first reaction would be to threaten a lawsuit if not file one. Given the fact he’s an accomplished federal lawyer, it would seem he would have at least sought an injunction to such ‘slander.’ But, instead, he blamed Donald Trump for the story, without any supporting evidence of his involvement.

If you had just been accused of cheating on your spouse, would your first reaction be to blame someone and to engage in a tirade against their allies, such as Trump ally Roger Stone? Cruz stated: “[Stone is] a man who has 50 years of dirty tricks behind him.” Cruz continued that the phrase “copulating with a rodent” is made for guys like Stone and that “this garbage doesn’t belong in politics.”

Remember, this is your first response that you’ve been cheating on your wife with multiple women. And, he’s talking about Roger Stone?

What was missing? He did not say, “I have never cheated on my wife. I would never do anything like this to hurt her.” He responded with an attack which did not fully dismiss the accusations. He said it was ‘lies’ and ‘garbage.’ It may be a somewhat inaccurate story that he believes is garbage. However, it may contain some very damaging truths. His response was a ruse.

Let’s recap. The Enquirer has accurately broke the stories of some of the biggest sex scandals of our time. One of the women (accused in the affairs) is a former advisor to Ted Cruz (Pierson). She oddly disappeared from the Cruz-camp only to later appear as the spokeswoman for the Trump campaign. And, there’s Cruz’s extensive blame-game about the source of the story, with little specific defense of the content. Even more surprising, was the absence of an overarching ‘I’ve never cheated on my wife’ narrative.

Perhaps he remembered what happens when you say, “I’ve never had sexual relations with that” – – those women. It’s likely Cruz response is not a lie. But, it’s even more likely there is some truth in that article.

By the way, wouldn’t you think Heidi Cruz would have spoken to denounce this by now?

With this much smoke there’s got to be a fire.



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