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How live, love, learn, teach and grow.

Bryan is joined by an amazing guest who is a mother, spouse, daughter and entrepreneur: Sheri Riley. She’s mastered the art of balancing those roles and living a life of peace. How does she do it? Listen as Sheri presents introduces “Keys to inner peace and increased productivity.”

About Sheri Riley
I rose to the top of the entertainment industry and was miserable. I worked with some of the top celebrities, CEOs and influencers of our lifetime, but it didn’t make me happy. I got to the TOP in the entertainment industry, making 6 figures, unlimited expense account, traveling the world, and was miserable. Not because I didn’t love my job-I did–but I didn’t have a good life. So I resigned. I left my dream job at LaFace Records at the HEIGHT of my career. My family and friends thought I literally lost my mind. I knew something had to change–that I was meant for something bigger.