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roger stone w logos and clinton book

Former Trump Advisor/Friend: “What Happened to Trump in Iowa?

Bryan interviews Roger Stone, Former Trump Advisor about what happened to Trump in Iowa and what he expects happens next in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. With over 30 years running prominent campaigns, including Presidential races, Stone offers valuable experience and insight:


Establishment Politicians Formed a Cabal in Order to Rob You!

Bryan explains why the media and the politicians are controlling your life, how they create a ruse to distract you, just before they rob you blind…..

Using Republican Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley’s #SOTU response speech attacking Donald Trump as “Exhibit A.” But, there’s more…. Bryan explains why media people won’t tell you the truth about what politicians are actually up to. And, it’s so selfish, it’s virtually evil.

walter scott

North Charleston, SC Police Assassination.

“He took my stun gun,” says officer Slater. He feared for his life. That was the initial story after Walter Scott was shot dead on Saturday, April 4, 2015 in North Charleston SC by Michael T. Slager, 33, who is now charged with murder. It seems there was someone taking cell phone video of the entire incident. The video shows the officer attempting to plant the taser near Scott, then picking it up after realizing that he was being watched. 8 rounds were fired at, unarmed, Walter Scott as he fled the officer. Seven months after the Michael Brown fiasco, it appears there is still something police departments and government hasn’t learned. What is it?



You rent your property from the Government and you’ll do what “we” say.

A Vietnam vet on Sullivans Island is trying to build a tree house for his children. However, the town of Sullivans Island is telling him to take it down. Apparently, Sullivans Island is more forward in admitting what we have suspected. We don’t own property; The Government does. But, he’s fighting back. What did he do to overturn the town’s 4-1 ruling against him?