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Smashing a Watermelon is racist? Welcome to the United States of the Offended.

No! Grunting on Home Improvement had nothing to do with race. It had to due with male Ego. Tim Allen made grunting sounds a lot. And, the players at Charleston’s Academic Magnet football team smashing watermelons to celebrate a win is nothing more than a parent of the losing team getting upset over their teams defeat!

Here is the picture that was drawn on the watermelons:



You could get fired JUST for reading this post…at some companies.

Did you know that your employer can see who you’ve been emailing and whether or not you’ve been online playing with social media while at work? People are getting fired for using work emails for personal purposes, name-dropping their company for leverage and using their bosses’ internet to post comments on social media during work hours.

Should an employee be fired for using their employers’ time to beat up one of their employer’s clients? With social media, this is a growing trend across America.

A man, going by the handle Conal, working for a large firm that conducts accounting services for Comcast was fired for airing his Comcast horror story publicly. Conal used the name of his employer during his calls with Comcast, a claim Conal denies.

The Firm that fired Conal says he breeched their firms’ ethics in the manner for which he complained against, ultimately, their mutual client.

Here are 17 people who lost their jobs for using Social Media — you might side with the business or the employee, but the lesson is the same: think twice about what you share online AND WHILE AT WORK.
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And, in SC, here is a local story of how one man had to tread lightly with a vendor that he shared with his employer both at work and at home (audio):


What is it like to be Muslim in America? And what is the true intent of Islam?

Monday October 20…. A Muslim American named Tahara joins us on the program with my wife to answer the question: Why don’t Muslims denounce Alqaeda, ISIS and Jihad more often? 9am-9:45, we learn the Muslim faith, what the middle east says about The United States and why we have such a divide on this issue. AM 1340 and AM 950 The Voice.


Same-Sex marriage: Church’s are not next. Really? Have you heard about what happened in Houston, TX???

Bryan was chastised for about a week for suggestion that after Same-Sex marriage was legal, the next initiative would be to go after your Church. He was assured through offensive commentary that would not happen and that he was simply being a “hater.” Then, there is Houston, TX. Did you hear what they did to 5 churches in Houston Texas?

The Mayor of Houston, is a Lesbian and her council has essentially assaulted five local churches. Annise Parker, the Mayor of Houston lived in Charleston in the 1970s (yearbook picture)

annise parker

annise parker


Jobs are like Sex: If you have to pay for it don’t brag about it.

Steve French, the Libertarian for Governor of South Carolina said, Nikki Haley’s jobs numbers is like sex: “If you have to pay for it don’t brag about it.” That’s probably the best line of the Governor’s debate for South Carolina. We’re bribing companies to come here because otherwise we are not attractive. What can we do to save YOUR tax dollars?


An EBOLA report from Dallas by Congressman Mark Sanford

Bryan spoke to Congressman Mark Sanford for his reflection on Friday’s Congressional (Special) hearing in Dallas concerning the Ebola Crisis. Should we feel at ease about the Nation’s handling of Ebola? What is the truth? And WHO is in Charge?

Tom Ervin for Governor of SC

Is Governor Haley giving tax dollars in exchange for campaign donations?

Tom Ervin, independent Republican for Governor, shares stories of where South Carolina has given tax incentives in exchange for jobs that haven’t come. Is Tom saying that Governor Haley is giving incentives in exchange for campaign contributions?