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internet trolls

America’s Destructive Disconnect of People and their Words + Internet Trolls

Bryan asks the questions: “Why are people becoming so mean?” There is a huge disconnect between American’s, their words and their empathy. How do we stop this dangerous trend?


Are Refs throwing more flags on Redskins because they have offensive name?

The labor department had a football party but asked the workers not to wear any Redskins gear as it was offensive. Why does it seem that the left is trying to whitewash American history under the premise that it’s offensive? And how patriotic are Atlanta Public Schools. Are they whitewashing America? You may be shocked at the answer (in a good way).

how much should we tax the rich

How fair is it that the top 1% pays more tax than the bottom 90% of people?

Bryan doubles down on his series about our American-focus on the negative: Penalizing success, blaming rich people and enabling the poor to be even more enslaved to poverty. Bryan gives us the one solution that could put 50,000,000 Americans on the fast-track to success. What is it?

TAX the rich

Teach these people how not to be losers! Beating up the rich won’t work.

People in The United States are more often expressing the idea that taxing the rich more will help the poor. This is absolutely wrong. There are only about 3-5 things that separate the successful people from the failures. What are they? And, what can you do to climb the economic ladder? It’s a rather simple, yet shocking answer:

hacking isis

From ISIS to Hackings: The Digital Age has Created Life or Death Situations For All of Us.

Bryan’s guest, Michael Daugherty (Security Expert and author of the book: The Devil Inside The Beltway) discusses how you have to be an expert at your career, and somewhat an expert at everything digital to survive in 2015. What can you do to relieve the pressure?

syrian refugees u.s.

Syrian Refugees: Let ’em All in! What???

Bryan’s guest, David Bier (immigration expert) makes the case as to why we should move forward with President Obama’s plan to allow 10,000 Syrian Refugees in the United States. Bryan pushes back with the reasons why not!