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Mr. “Saving Shem Creek” doubled down on his lie – now here’s the proof!

Recently I shared with you that the founder of the “Saving Shem Creek” Facebook page was employed by a firm directly involved with a project his “group” was protesting. I publicly asked: Why would you work for a company that is designing and developing projects that in your words, are “ruining Mt. Pleasant?”

When I first pointed to this conflict of interest, I was met with harsh ridicule. I was accused of lying, distorting the truth and acting as a “shock jock.” It got even worse. As I presented my case, Mr. “Saving Shem Creek” (who works for the firm building the “garage” he opposes), presented a stamped image from the Town of Mt. Pleasant showing another firm (other than his employer) on the plans submitted. This furthered the case, that somehow I was lying, right? The cards were certainly stacked against my theory, weren’t they?

This was the moment that I realized that many of the fine people and residents of Mount Pleasant, that I had perhaps, mistakenly called “snobs,” were being duped. Mr. “Saving Shem Creek” does work for ADC Engineering and the below image DOES prove that ADC was in fact employed in the design of the project; Mr. Saving Shem Creek, clearly knew this, but didn’t expect it to become known. His employer was terminated (in this letter) from the project. One might asked why Mr. “Saving Shem’s Creek’s” employer was removed. Could have been a rogue employee or was it something else? I suppose we’ll never know.

So here’s the real question. Why would Mr. “Saving Shem Creek” lie about his employer’s involvement in the project and then, when questioned, double-down on that lie? Perhaps there was a run for Mayor or City Council in his future! Who knows?

Here’s my point in all of this: Don’t be mislead by people with an agenda of obtaining power. Instead, take a drive to Dorchester Road at 5:30pm and try to go from Trolley Road to Bacon’s Bridge Road in less than 30 minutes. The “Old Village” up there is called “Ashborough.” Both awesome communities in both cities, right? Yes! But after years of battling business and progress, sprawl (instead of solutions) has made Dorchester Road the nightmare the fine folks of Mt. Pleasant are fearing Coleman will become.

So the next time Mr. “Saving Shem Creek” tries to scare you with propaganda, ask him who’s or which political aspiration the story (uh, hmmm…. distortion) is designed to help!




Mayor Joe Riley: Why would you destroy what built you?

Robert Harrell III (“Trey”) wrote an article form his Columbia Law Office (for Fits News) reminding us that Charleston was a dangerous place after dark North of Broad Street prior to 1980. And, it was hospitality that moved that line to Calhoun and then nearly to the Crosstown. Why would you destroy what made you better by closing restaurants and bars early and attacking business Mayor Joe (others)? In this audio John Steinberger, The Charleston County GOP Chair joins the conversation about the Bar Midnight Moratorium in Downtown Charleston.

Officer Sean Groubert shoots Levar Jones for what?

In a routine traffic stop, SC State Trooper (outside of Columbia) shoots Levar Jones after asking for his license. Jones reached into his car to get his license and the trooper opened fire. Thereafter, the trooper calmly calls for an Ambulance. He’s now being charged with a Felony. There’s only one word to describe this video: Shocking.


Bad snap? Clemson player gets a death threat! Really?

Is social media destroying our society so much that we think it’s okay to issue a death threat to a college football player for a bad snap – OR – is it just revealing what has been hidden under the surface for years? Re: Clemson Ryan Norton Death Threat and more. (after Florida State Game)


Tom Ervin says Governor Haley is lying. Is it true?

Economic numbers? Jobs Numbers look good, right. Tom Ervin, says “half of the jobs she’s announced [are missing].” But, Bryan charges back with “aren’t they coming in the future?” How did Tom answer this very important question?


“We’re going to fail,” if we don’t get this right; Mount Pleasant & Summerville!

From the infamous parking garage on Shem Creek that really isn’t a parking garage that really isn’t on Shem Creek, to the horrific traffic daily on Dorchester Road, we MUST all find a point of agreement. Perhaps it’s that we have failed to plan for the Tri-County’s growth. If we can agree on that, it’s a start. Where the disagreement begins is in the solutions. It can’t be “stopping development,” “eliminating progress” or creating less “density.” Those are images for the problem; they are not the problem. Bryan Crabtree proposed a solution on Tuesday that we use public lands for new schools and parks, sell portions of the land to make the taxpayers whole, build light-rail after a full study of the best methods and invite (not reject) offices and businesses in the communities that people live (Goose Creek, Summerville, Mount Pleasant) so commute times are reduced. One caller tells us the price of getting it wrong: ONE OF OUR COUNTIES MAY SIMPLY FAIL. How do we fix the divide between growth and planning?


PLEASE STOP RUINING OUR CITY, PLEASE!!! We’re going to Fail portion…..