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What if SCOTUS had not shut down Obamas EPA power grab?

Experts tell us your home utility bill could have gone up as much as 50% in some parts of the South, amongst other devastating costs to business estimated at nearly $10 billion. But, don’t run a victory lap, the EPA isn’t done yet. Ross Eisenberg, vice president of energy and resources policy at the National Association of Manufacturers joins Bryan in a conversation that will impact businesses and homeowners alike. What exactly did the Supreme Courts ruling mean to you?


Legal Gay Marriage: What are the legal consequences for your business or Church?

A renowned employment lawyer, David Scher joins Bryan to outline what will likely happen to Churches in America and to businesses who refuse to participate in and/or honor gays who are married.

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CareBear #Scotus is into feel good decisions. Obamacare: What does this mean to you?

FOUR REVELATIONS about Obamacare that make #SCOTUS ruling ridiculous:
Whether you are on #Obamacare or not, how will your health insurance plan look in 2-3 years and how much will it cost. The reality is shocking! The Supreme Court handed a blow to opponents on Obamacare based on the fact that it would have a profound impact on millions (otherwise) and that the law was intended to help people with Health Insurance needs.

Dr. Leonard Zwelling, author of “Red Kool-Aid Blue Kool-Aid: How Partisan Politics and Greed Undermined the Value of ObamaCare” joins Bryan to discuss the future of Healthcare and Health Insurance on the heels of this ruling.


Is there a solution for our Country’s division? with Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson (R) for President joined Bryan on Tuesday to discuss the issues of race and division facing our Nation. Bryan asked Dr. Carson some tough questions about the future and if we can make a change. Will you agree with what Dr. Ben Carson said?