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Guflstream jet - creflo dollar

The Lord says I need a $65 million Gulfstream Jet for the Church!

Creflo Dollar of The Creflo Dollar Ministries recently published a Youtube video begging supporters (200,000 of them) to donate at least $300 a piece so the Church (eh – hmmm, HE) could buy a new Gulfstream $65 million jet. It appears the old Jet is just not good enough. Bryan dug up old audio that proves he’s not been telling the truth all along about who owns what and how he’s spending donations to the ministry.

gas tax and fireworks in ga

Fireworks; Gas Taxes – GA Lawmakers are starting a big fire.

Republicans want to raise your gas tax to levels much higher than neighboring states and Democrats want to continue denying you access to fireworks for Fourth of July (sales that would offset the money the state needs). Why do lawmakers have no clue how to make Georgia work for you and what is the true cost that could affect your bottom line?

housing collapse

Charleston Housing Market Update

Bryan reveals the new kind of “Shadow Inventory,” and it’s huge! What number are most housing professionals missing when they tell you how great the market is? Is this the “canary in the coal mine for another crash?”

rd barn playhouse

HomeOwners’ Association says NO to Playhouse for girl with Lukemia

In one of the most shocking and callous examples of Home Owners Associations cruelty to its residents, one Missouri HOA said NO PLAYHOUSE to a child with Leukemia. The playhouse was being donated by Make a Wish. Did this nasty HOA give in and allow the kid to have the playhouse? The answer may shock you.

home depot jobs

Where did Cobb County get all the of the money it’s giving away?

As of late, it appears that Cobb County is playing the “broken glass theory” of economics (re: Braves Stadium/Home Depot incentives): “Let’s break some glass, spend some money and create jobs!” How much business is it taking away from Dekalb and Fulton residents at the cost of Cobb County taxpayer dollars? With the announcement of a $200 million incentive for Home Depot (combined with the Braves Stadium $300 million) it brings to question the sensibility of such large incentives simply to move jobs from one side of Atlanta to another.

walmart workers

Wal-Mart: “Government leave us alone. We’re going to do the right thing by our people!”

After a year of heated debate over the “living wage” or a minimum wage increase in The United States, America’s largest private employer gives most a pay increase! Is this the beginning of a trend that could overhaul the American economy and labor market?

200 lb 8 year old

200lb, 8 yr old raises question: Should Government step in for Bad Parents?

Social Services in Cleveland stepped in and took the kid from their parents. Does the Government have the right to step in? And should overweight people have to pay more for health insurance?