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Berkeley County School Board says, “NO” to Dads being involved in sports!

Berkeley County School Board, ignoring that 1 in 3 kids has no father involved says “NO” to dads who want to spend time with their kids coaching sports. “This is ridiculous.” They ignored a petition of over 500 people to stop this lunacy.

charleston police shooting

Racial Profling? Really? It’s private property and the officer may have stopped a #Chs mass shooting!

The ACLU and NAACP in Charleston is questioning the Charleston Police’s Stop and Frisk policy on the heals of the 19 year old death of Denzel Curnell, who committed suicide in front of Officer Jamal Medlin. The real question here should be does the owner of the Bridgeview Apartments have the right to pay an off duty police officer to secure his common areas after dark? This is not about the police and racial profiling as this officer was working for a property owner at the time of this event.

The question the community should be asking of the Charleston Police is not “is its stop and frisk policy racial profiling,” but, instead, asking, “did Medlin stop a mass shooting at Bridgeview Apartments?” What was Curnell planning to do with that stolen gun before being stopped by the officer and killing himself?

great white shark

Exploding SC, GA, FL Population of Great White Sharks; When they bite people; Why?

From Florida, Georgia to South Carolina, Mary Lee has made her rounds (3500# Great White), and now she is mating. Are we excited that we are increasing the Great White Shark population off the coastal waters of GA, SC and FL?


Obama has his way? YOUR Utility bills in Tri-County to rise 54% – according to officials.

Wayne Cartright and Lisa Stilley of Berkely Electric Cooperative talk about the EPA, anti-coal order that (due to compliance costs) may create pass-throughs that raise the cost of your average monthly electric bill by 54%.


The “Dream” of transforming a community. The “Battle” of the Churches.

It was very evident in a recent article in the Post and Courier that one Church Leader is against Seacoast Church helping the community of Ardmore in West Ashley. In fact her shocking comments about the mission of the two Churches couldn’t have been more judgmental. What did she say?

Then, there was the very reasonable caller, Randolph, a resident of the community amidst the discussion about solutions for poverty crime and drugs in our community. He said, he was welcoming to Seacoast and simply wanted everyone to sit down and find solutions, leaving “Hope” as being the new headline of this story.


West Ashley Community worried that Church might make a positive difference!

Seacoast Church bought a property in the Ardmore Community of West Ashley to open a Dream Center. A similar effort has led to a 75% reduction in crime and a huge lift in opportunity for an impoverished area of North Charleston. But, local community leaders are saying it may change the fabric of the community. Are they in denial of their problems or afraid of this one thing that might undermine the whole “Woe, is me” argument? real estate show

What’s wrong with some of these people? ( RE Show)

People in general have developed a sense of greedy behavior, lacking grace an empathy. Mackenzie shares the story of a refrigerator argument, after someone received a 20k discount on the property – plus a full discussion of ‘TODAY’S’ short-sale process and how you can keep it from being bad as a buyer or investor.