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Baltimore Riots…. Here we go again: FAIL.

These riots in Baltimore: As I sit back and watch this, I hear the same three things. The LEFT and the RIGHT and who is to blame. Who cares? I mean…..really. When the earthquake in Nepal was ongoing and the buildings were falling around them, do you think they were asking each other, “who built that building that just fell on my brother?” NO! They were trying to save their own lives and others’ lives. We can litigate who’s wrong later. The bottom line is that you have angry, ticked off people burning down an American city (at least in parts). Why don’t we figure out why they are angry and ticked off, and instead of punishing everyone in a city block, empower them to succeed in life. The problem with Government is that it only knows how to regulate; it has no clue how to empower people. You empower people by taking a 15 year old kid off the streets that’s throwing rocks at police and robbing/burning the CVS and you offer him a choice: 1. Jail OR…. 2. Empowerment….. ;He gets to choose. Get him in a “good” school. Not the SH hole down the street he’s been going to. Get him away from his criminal friends. Find out what his dreams are/what he likes to do. And give him the vehicles to learn, grow and do it. And, then tell him he lives in America and that he can do anything he wants. The difference in those kids and me is that I had parents who told me I “could do anything I put my mind to” in life and that only I would get in my own way. I didn’t hear so called leaders in my community constantly telling me that something or someone was against me. If you believe that or continually keep hearing that, it will manifest itself into truth. I had a mom and a dad and I went to two really good schools with mostly smart teachers who had brains and judgment and goodwill. Get these kids away from these apathetic teachers, in failing schools, out of these criminal households, empower them and tell them they have a chance and they’ll be too busy studying or succeeding to be ticked off at police, throwing rocks in the damn street burning down a Charity senior citizen home or getting themselves killed. It will cost us much less tax money to save these kids than it will to put them in jail for the rest of their lives because no one every gave a rat’s a** And, by all means, get some leaders in the local Goverments who have a brain and who will run at problems instead of run from them. They talk a good game on the election stump and then act like wimps in office.


Atlanta Radio Announcement: The Bryan Crabtree Show now 4-6pm weekdays starting May 4.

The Bryan Crabtree Show is going to be heard from 4-6pm weekdays on Biz1190, WAFS and from 9-11pm weekdays on AM 920 The Answer, WGKA. Bryan joined The Dana Barrett show on 4/27/15 for the announcement.

More details here:

For immediate release
Live and Local Afternoon Talk in Atlanta

Veteran Real Estate Executive and radio broadcaster launches The Bryan Crabtree Show 4-6pm on biz1190 (WAFS-AM) and 9-11 pm on AM 920 The Answer (WGKA-AM).

(April 27, 2015) ATLANTA, GA –veteran radio broadcaster and housing executive Bryan Crabtree, is the newest member of Salem Media Group / Atlanta’s growing live and local show hosts.

“The Bryan Crabtree Show” debuts on biz 1190 (WAFS-AM) May 4 from 4-6 pm. Crabtree promises to focus on the topics important to Atlanta’s listeners – current events, local issues and business.

“My goal is to inspire greatness, coach my listeners on how to be more successful and explain common challenges we all face living in today’s society,” he said.

“We are so excited to bring Bryan aboard to add to our live and local lineup,” said Station Manager Adam Wattenbarger. “biz 1190 is committed to giving the Atlanta community something we’ve been lacking for years – real talk about real issues affecting our neighborhoods.”

Prior to moving to Atlanta, Crabtree hosted mornings on Charleston, SC based 1340 and 950 The Voice (WQSC).

“My focus is now solely on Atlanta. My kids go to school here, I live here, I work here and I’m excited about the future of our city! There are an unbelievable number of great things happening in Atlanta and I plan to share how we can all take advantage of this success,” says Crabtree.

The Bryan Crabtree Show also airs from 9-11 p.m. on Salem Media Group’s AM 920 the Answer (WGKA-AM).

Crabtree also joins his wife Mackenzie Saturdays at 9am on AM 920
The Answer and Sundays at Noon on biz 1190 for the Real Estate Show.

Mackenzie is a veteran broadcaster and native Atlanta resident, having previously worked at WSB in Atlanta and Y105 in Augusta, Georgia after graduating from The University of Georgia. “I’d call this show real drama, real life, real estate. The housing business is crazy and we’ll be sharing real stories that are entertaining, helpful and informative,” says Mackenzie Crabtree.

About Bryan Crabtree:
Bryan Crabtree’s housing credentials include over 4,500 client transactions as a
Broker, and having owned/sold over 100 personal investment properties. In total,
Bryan has conducted nearly $1 billion in real estate transactions since 1997. He
is a Global Mobility Specialist and Certified Relocation Professional. His wife,
Mackenzie (co-host) is a member of REOMAC, award-winning Realtor of
Distinction and in the top 1% in sales volume in the Southeast.

About biz 1190 (WAFS-AM):
biz 1190 is a 25,000-watt business-oriented AM radio station serving the entire
Atlanta Metro community. Along with Bryan Crabtree, biz 1190 also is proud to feature the Dana Barrett Show. Hosted by radio and TV personality Dana Barrett, the show features interviews with some of Atlanta’s top business executives talking about the issues affecting business in the metro area. 

About AM 920 The Answer (WGKA-AM)
AM 920 the Answer is a 25,000 watt AM station featuring Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt.

About Salem Media Group
Salem Media Group is America’s leading radio broadcaster, Internet content
provider, and magazine and book publisher targeting audiences interested in
Christian and family-themed content and conservative values. In addition to its
radio properties, Salem owns Salem Radio Network, which syndicates talk, news
and music programming to approximately 2,400 affiliates. Salem owns and
operates 99 radio stations, with 61 stations in the nation’s top 25 markets – and
30 in the top 10.

walter scott

North Charleston, SC Police Assassination.

“He took my stun gun,” says officer Slater. He feared for his life. That was the initial story after Walter Scott was shot dead on Saturday, April 4, 2015 in North Charleston SC by Michael T. Slager, 33, who is now charged with murder. It seems there was someone taking cell phone video of the entire incident. The video shows the officer attempting to plant the taser near Scott, then picking it up after realizing that he was being watched. 8 rounds were fired at, unarmed, Walter Scott as he fled the officer. Seven months after the Michael Brown fiasco, it appears there is still something police departments and government hasn’t learned. What is it?


Guflstream jet - creflo dollar

The Lord says I need a $65 million Gulfstream Jet for the Church!

Creflo Dollar of The Creflo Dollar Ministries recently published a Youtube video begging supporters (200,000 of them) to donate at least $300 a piece so the Church (eh – hmmm, HE) could buy a new Gulfstream $65 million jet. It appears the old Jet is just not good enough. Bryan dug up old audio that proves he’s not been telling the truth all along about who owns what and how he’s spending donations to the ministry.

gas tax and fireworks in ga

Fireworks; Gas Taxes – GA Lawmakers are starting a big fire.

Republicans want to raise your gas tax to levels much higher than neighboring states and Democrats want to continue denying you access to fireworks for Fourth of July (sales that would offset the money the state needs). Why do lawmakers have no clue how to make Georgia work for you and what is the true cost that could affect your bottom line?

housing collapse

Charleston Housing Market Update

Bryan reveals the new kind of “Shadow Inventory,” and it’s huge! What number are most housing professionals missing when they tell you how great the market is? Is this the “canary in the coal mine for another crash?”

rd barn playhouse

HomeOwners’ Association says NO to Playhouse for girl with Lukemia

In one of the most shocking and callous examples of Home Owners Associations cruelty to its residents, one Missouri HOA said NO PLAYHOUSE to a child with Leukemia. The playhouse was being donated by Make a Wish. Did this nasty HOA give in and allow the kid to have the playhouse? The answer may shock you.