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Free Trade Agreement for 40% of World’s Economy reached in D-town Atlanta!

You may have seen all the protesting in downtown Atlanta. But, you may not realize that what was being protested is perhaps one of the biggest trade deals between Pacific and Western Nations in history. Is this big business welfare or a good deal that will help American workers and the U.S. Economy? The Truth….with Bryan Riley on behalf of Heritage Foundation as Bryan asks what this trade deal means for jobs in Georgia…

american guns

It’s not about Gun Control…It’s about idiot control.

The solution to Gun violence doesn’t involve the Gun.

Bryan outlines this six things that we must understand about Gun Violence in America. And, he points house the many misleading half-truths shared about Homicides and Guns in America. You want solutions? Here they are…

sales people

Master Messaging: Winning in sales.

David Kurkjian, Sales Expert, On Effective Sales Strategy with Bryan Crabtree. If you’re in sales, this will be an incredible audio lesson on increasing your sales and improving your perspective. For consumers, this will help you weed through the ineffective sales people you meet on nearly a daily basis so that you can have a positive experience, buying/selling a home, car boat, financial product etc.

kelly gissendaner

Georgia Death Penalty Opponents are “Selfish.”

Bryan explains why people who may initially support the death-penalty for a murderer like Georgia’s Kelly Gissendaner (who, along with her boyfriend, killed her Husband for insurance money), change their mind on the punishment.