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Is SC Governor Nikki Haley unethical?

Tom Ervin, Independent Republican, reflects on the responses to his call to strip the SC Department of Social Services from Governor Haley and Senator Sheheen’s pushback. Is Governor Haley unethical? The inference is yes, but why?


Video of Deputy Matuskovic Funeral Procession. “Chilling.”

Slain Deputy Matuskovic had one of the largest funeral processions I’ve every seen. There were police and law enforcement officials from North Augusta, Clemson, Columbia, University of SC, Mt. Pleasant, North Charleston, Dorchester County, Horry Count, Myrtle Beach and countless others in a spectacle of honor and remembrance of our fallen Deputy in Charleston County.


Senator Sheheen (Dem for Governor of SC) admits President Obama has been partisan.

Bryan starts with D.S.S. (welfare) by asking if the agency should be put into receivership. Sheheen takes a stab at Governor Haley’s record; no surprise. But, then in a shocking turn, he admits President Obama has been too partisan.


Why did Aljazeera attack North Charleston’s Boeing Plant?

Aljazeera TV in combination with Union Operatives, employees with CEO Salary envy and The Seattle Times are very upset that Boeing chose North Charleston for the 787 Dreamliner. But, what two things did Aljazeera get right in their report? One is the biggest threat we face against business in South Carolina.


Bobby Harrell has suspended his post as Speaker of the House in SC.

Bobby Harrell says he has “suspended” his position. I suppose he thinks he’ll be Speaker later, but for now he is no longer our Speaker of the House in SC. Bobby Harrell announced he would be renouncing his position as Speaker of the House just minutes after this interview, The Governor calling for his resignation and just one day after his nine-county indictment. Ashley Landess explains the next steps for South Carolina and Bobby Harrell.

Is Bobby Harrell Al Capone or J.R. Ewing? Ashley and Bryan debate…..


Speaker Bobby Harrell Indicted, should resign, regardless of findings.

First Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe announces that the
Richland County Grand Jury indicted Robert W. Harrell, Jr., Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives, today on nine charges. The nine indictments are for two counts of Misconduct in Office (statutory and common law), six counts of Using Campaign Funds for Personal Use, and one count of False Reporting Candidate Campaign Disclosures.

A bond hearing date has not been set.

787 carton

Seattle Times, Everett, Machinist Unions, Aljazeera team to HIT Boeing North Charleston…

Here’s a big-time Union hit piece coming in full detail after Aljazeera teams up with Seattle Times and the Unions to dig deep into the North Charleston Boeing plant to find a handful of disgruntled workers. Is this a pro-Union hit piece to destroy the North Charleston aviation boom or factual reporting?