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home depot jobs

Where did Cobb County get all the of the money it’s giving away?

As of late, it appears that Cobb County is playing the “broken glass theory” of economics (re: Braves Stadium/Home Depot incentives): “Let’s break some glass, spend some money and create jobs!” How much business is it taking away from Dekalb and Fulton residents at the cost of Cobb County taxpayer dollars? With the announcement of a $200 million incentive for Home Depot (combined with the Braves Stadium $300 million) it brings to question the sensibility of such large incentives simply to move jobs from one side of Atlanta to another.

walmart workers

Wal-Mart: “Government leave us alone. We’re going to do the right thing by our people!”

After a year of heated debate over the “living wage” or a minimum wage increase in The United States, America’s largest private employer gives most a pay increase! Is this the beginning of a trend that could overhaul the American economy and labor market?

200 lb 8 year old

200lb, 8 yr old raises question: Should Government step in for Bad Parents?

Social Services in Cleveland stepped in and took the kid from their parents. Does the Government have the right to step in? And should overweight people have to pay more for health insurance?

passport denied

IRS thinks if you owe them money you should be treated like a Felon.

If the IRS and The Justice Department has their way, they’d push through the law supported by Senator Harry Reid that suggest that if you owe the IRS money, you could be denied a passport; or even if you have a passport, you could be denied travel. You can be denied a passport if you are a felon, but is owning the IRS money a crime? Could this actually happen?


CDC ommitted data in study that showed link between vaccines and autism.

A CDC Scientist, Dr. Thompson, was granted immunity after admitting that he and 4 other scientists omitted data that showed a link between vaccines, timing and autism in African-American males. What does this data indicate parents should do if they concerned about vaccinations and autism?

vaccinations and autism

Are Doctors right about Vaccinations in our kids?

Some Doctors are outraged at the suggestion by many parents, Doctors and politicians that parents should have choice in their childrens’ vaccinations and not follow the Government’s protocol. But, isn’t it the medical profession that prescribes “safe” antibiotics so freely, that tens of thousands of people die from antibiotic-resistent bacteria each year? Didn’t the Government tell us in the 1970’s that Mercury-laced vaccines were safe, only to find out they were actually toxic to children? What or who should we believe now with regard to the safety of our children? (audio)

The measles outbreak, possible reasons and what a parent may want to consider that could make all the difference…. Plus, how can we possibly justify politicizing our Childrens’ safety???