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Just How Bad are the Ashley Madison Lawsuits and Divorces going to be?

Bryan welcomes Andrew Stewart, Attorney, to discuss whether Ashley Madison could possibly be guilty of consumer fraud based on their guarantees and the recent exposure of customer information. What lessons can you learn from this, whether you’ve been on Ashley Madison’s site or not?

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Two American Hate Symbols hijacked by Aethisists for Evil.

Yes, The Rainbow flag has become a hate symbol against Christians the same way the Confederate Flag has become a hate symbol against the Black community.

Ask the left why a rainbow crosswalk is okay in Midtown but a Confederate Flag at Stone Mountain isn’t, and you’ll hear a diatribe of excuses as to the past of the Confederate Flag and the Love associated with the Rainbow Flag. Bottom line: I call B.S. Both of these symbols have been hijacked by hateful, abusive people who are destroying the future our Nation.


How 3 million workers just got screwed! Are you one of them?

A 200-page NLRB ruling reduced to a basic assault on small business. Andrew Stuart of Atlanta, Stuart and Johnston joins Bryan in the studio to discuss how your household plumber might have to become your employee in the future and how your employer may decide you’re just too much of a liability. Are you affected by this awful ruling of the Obama regime?


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Obama’s Iran deal allows them inspect their own Nuclear Sites…

Bryan welcomes Colonel Patrick Murray to the program to discuss the implications of Iran doing self inspections. In addition they chat about an ICBM missile that could reach America and shatter our power grids!

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Clinton greets attendees at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding dinner in Clear Lake

Email Scandal shows Hillary as dumb as Govt. Ashley Madison Users.

There’s not a big difference in what Hillary Clinton did with her server at her home, as Secretary of State, putting classified information at risk and some Government workers who used their Government email and Computer to join the affair site Ashley Madison before it was hacked.