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Jeb Bush’s Trumpertantrum and the Bush Scam on Eminent Domain.

Jeb Bush Lied: Bush’s Took Land with Eminent Domain
Jeb Bush blasted Donald Trump with out of context claims of Trump using eminent domain to steal an elderly person’s property. Bryan explains how your city would look without the use of Eminent Domain. And, if you don’t like it, what you have to do to correct it.


Marcobot: How Marco Rubio Glitches Like Siri for iPhone.

There is no doubt Marco Rubio’s rhetoric is eloquent, uplifting and powerful. But, so were Barack Obama’s speeches, circa 2008. During a very heated exchange with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that lasted for several minutes, he continued to deflect from the questions and launched into a tirade about the damage caused by Pres. Obama. By the third time he had done it, I felt embarrassed for him. By the fourth, I lost a lot of respect for him. (Read my article in article about the experience of Marco Rubio and how he is very similar in experience to Circa-2008 Senator Obama)

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The Super Bowl of Racism, Security, Drugs and what else? …oh!

They’re using F-15 fighter jets to secure the Super Bowl and a 30 mile no fly zone due to security and terror concerns. Bryan dives deep into the scandals which surround the big game this weekend. Has the drama become so grandiose that the game isn’t about what’s happening on the field as much as the sideline stories?

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Doctor, CEO of Georgia Hospital & Others BUSTED 15,000 Illegal Drug Prescriptions.

There was a huge illegal operation involving thousands of doses of Hydrocodone. Where does the demand for these pills come from? Bryan discusses this epidemic and how bad it’s becoming Georgia and other states. Listen:

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Lopsided Polls and Media Distortion Being Used to Bully You Against Trump

Bryan explains how the polls are being reported in lies and half-truths to manipulate the voters. Appalling- at the way the media is covering the GOP polls. Why are some pundits only telling half of the story? Listen in for what no one is telling you: