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Our Nations’ future leaders enter workforce drowning in debt.

Our kids and granchildren are drowning in college debt. 40 million Americans have student loan debt. That equates to 13-15% of the population. 65% of those are held by citizens 39 and younger. What is the solution to this detrimental issue?


How live, love, learn, teach and grow.

Bryan is joined by an amazing guest who is a mother, spouse, daughter and entrepreneur: Sheri Riley. She’s mastered the art of balancing those roles and living a life of peace. How does she do it? Listen as Sheri presents introduces “Keys to inner peace and increased productivity.”

About Sheri Riley
I rose to the top of the entertainment industry and was miserable. I worked with some of the top celebrities, CEOs and influencers of our lifetime, but it didn’t make me happy. I got to the TOP in the entertainment industry, making 6 figures, unlimited expense account, traveling the world, and was miserable. Not because I didn’t love my job-I did–but I didn’t have a good life. So I resigned. I left my dream job at LaFace Records at the HEIGHT of my career. My family and friends thought I literally lost my mind. I knew something had to change–that I was meant for something bigger.


Choose only ONE: Is the Federal Government Crooked, Incompetent or Evil?

Bryan thinks the Government is simply incompetent but he categorically rejects the idea that the Government somehow is evil or crooked by nature. Here why (plus, below, May 19, 2015 – full show – RADIO ON DEMAND).

Radio on Demand – Full Show 5/14/2015 – Bryan Crabtree Show

Topics discussed:
1. Is the American Economy running out of steam?
2. America’s addiction to feeling good is leading to drug abuse and even increased HIV/Aids.
3. What is it like to be a Black Male in the United States?


PEW: Millenials are leaving Church in droves.

Dr. Richard Lee, former Lead Pastor of First Redeemer Church and Author of The American Patriot’s Bible joins Bryan to explain what these numbers mean about religion. You may be surprised as to where people are “going.”

Radio on Demand – Full Show- The Bryan Crabtree Show 5/12/2015

The Atlanta Public Schools Cheating trial: Straight from the mouth of Jury Foreman, George Little…What did he say he felt educator after educator that testified was saying that the media completely missed? And, more in this broadcast. Aired on biz1190 4-6pm and AM920 The Answer 9-11pm.

taxpayers protection alliance

Did Dish Network just scam you out of $3.3 billion?

David Williams of Taxpayers Protection Alliance joins Bryan to alert taxpayers to an amazing scheme used by Dish Network to outbid it’s competitors, buy up internet band-with and pass the costs along to you via tax credits from the Federal Government. What can you do to stop this?