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How safe is your home from a break-in?

With a rash of recent break-ins, it’s the perfect time to talk home security with Security Expert Brandon Cox of Brandon shares some ideas that cost less than $100 that can amplify your home’s security ten-fold. What simple steps can you take to protect your family?


Some Republicans have already violated the wishes of voters….

David Bozell of joins us Bryan to explain what the Cromnibus spending bill means for us. Why did some Seantors, including Lindsey Graham give Obama a blank check on Amnesty and Obamacare after such a strong directive from American voters on 11/4/2014. The reason may surprise you!

ncaa college players paid

Should College Football Players get paid?

NCAA is nearly a $1billion organization in terms of revenue. The President Mark Emmert makes nearly $2million per year. With the risks of injury, is a full-scholarship fair compensation when some coaches make millions of dollars per year?


You rent your property from the Government and you’ll do what “we” say.

A Vietnam vet on Sullivans Island is trying to build a tree house for his children. However, the town of Sullivans Island is telling him to take it down. Apparently, Sullivans Island is more forward in admitting what we have suspected. We don’t own property; The Government does. But, he’s fighting back. What did he do to overturn the town’s 4-1 ruling against him?

boeing 787

Airbus landing the plane. Boeing Cruises at 36,000 feet!

Airbus may “mothball” it’s A380 Double-Decker Mega plane in what can be called one of the biggest aviation blunders in history. Meanwhile, demand for Boeing’s 787 seems to be cruise at 36,000 feet. Just how big could this aviation – win be for Boeing and the United States?

bike lanes

Removing Roads in #CHS in exchange for bike lanes. Is traffic not bad enough?

The City of Charleston wants to convert one of the Hwy 17 Lanes on the Legare Bridge to a bike lane…..permanently. Just how much worse will that make the traffic? And, is the city trying to create and exclusive society in Downtown at the peril of others?


Charleston County Council: Citadel is Racist.

How could we come to a different conclusion than that?
Charleston County Council thinks the Citadel is Racist and refused funding for the Medal of Honor Bowl to be held 1/15/2015. Why does our own County Council want to spread a negative PR campaign on their own community.


The result of lackluster parenting and a society without consequences…

This is what happens to people in a society that lowers its accountability and consequences: Drugs, Murder, Lost potential. The Murder on James Island underscores Bryan’s thesis. Why did Robert Kronsberg kill his girlfriend? And what he did next, may shock you.